Everyday Display Program

$315.00 includes:
60 signs (2 each of the listed sayings)
and 6 ft. tall metal display rack at no


1.25 extra for GR or BR = 390.00 for program

Prepack as listed or may select sayings.

Purchase stand without minimum of 60 signs: $50.00.

Signs will be designed using a variety of colors including the ones shown.  The final colors will be determined by the Designer

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ws41-A: I Smile ‘Cause You’re My Sister…I Laugh ‘Cause There’s Nothin’ You Can Do About It!
ws61: I Have A Kitchen Because It Came With The House!
ws81: We Don’t Skinny Dip, We Chunky Dunk!
ws124: Changing The Toilet Paper Roll Does Not Cause Brain Damage!
ws125: Raising Kids Is Like Being Pecked To Death By A Chicken!
ws126: Go Braless…It’ll Pull The Wrinkles Out Of Your Face!
ws151: A Spoiled Rotten Cat Lives Here
ws163: Caution! Dog Has “Licker” License
ws250: You’ll always Be My Best Friend…You Know Too Much!
ws326: I’m Still A Hot Babe…But Now It Comes In Flashes!
ws328: It’s Not Shopping, It’s Retail Therapy!
ws330: We’ve Been Through A Lot Together…And Most Of It Was Your Fault!
ws367: If You’re Gonna Act Like A Turd, Go Lay In The Yard!
ws378: I Love Cooking With Wine…Sometimes I Even Put It In The Food!
ws393: It’s 5:00 Somewhere!
ws524: What Happens At Grandma’s Stays At Grandma’s
ws536: A Good Friend Will Bail You Out Of Jail…But A True Friend Will Be There With You Saying “Damn…That Was Fun!”
ws577: If You’re Not God Or George Strait, Take Your Boots Off!
ws766: You Drink Too Much, You Cuss Too Much And You Have Questionable Morals…You’re Everything I Ever Wanted In A Friend!
ws792: Good Morning. This is God. Today I’ll Be Handling Your Problems. I Don’t Need Your Help. Have A Nice Day!
ws798: Remember, As Far As Anyone Knows, We’re A Nice, Normal Family
ws871: I’ll Have A Café-Mocha-Vodka-Valium Latte To Go, Please
ws898: I’m Not Mean. You’re Just A Sissy!
Ws906: A Glass Of Wine Is Good…A Bottle Is Better!
ws930: Angels Are Watching Over You…And They Are Shocked!
ws963: Behave! What Happens Today Is On Facebook Tomorrow!
ws966: Be The Kind Of Woman That When Your Feet Hit Floor Each Morning The Devil Says “Oh Crap, She’s Up!”
ws981: Live, Laugh, Love. If That Don’t Work…Raise, Aim, Fire!
Ws1003: Don’t Make Me Slap You With My Flip Flop!
1025. I’m Having One Of Those Days When My Middle Finger Is Answering Every Question